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What is the All-on-Six?

The All-on-Six Implant is placing a total of six tooth implants in either the lower or upper jaw or securing them in place with screws in teeth to replace missing teeth and prevent further bone loss. Thanks to the skill of our prosthodontist, our patients may now enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile, clearer speech, and improved biting and chewing skills.

advantages of All-on-Six Implant

What are the advantages of All-on-Six Turkey?

  • The longevity of all-on-six implants is quite high.
  • It is a permanent implant that may be moulded to suit the patient's jaw.
  • Patients with stable health status are not limited by age.
  • The process doesn't take long at all.
  • It provides a genuine-looking hollywood smile option.
  • This treatment option may be used by those with low bone volume without the need for bone grafting.
  • It allows for faster healing than a full-mouth implant operation.
  • Nausea-like side effects are uncommon among patients who have received a full dental prosthesis.
  • It's more cost-effective than having implants placed in your whole mouth.
  • One surgical procedure may be all that is needed, just as with other implant types. The use of cutting-edge surgical procedures is unnecessary.
  • Easier dental care and blood flow.

Who is a good candidate for All-on-Six Implant implants?

All-on-Six procedure is for people:

  • Who don't have many or any teeth in their top or bottom jaw.
  • Who aren't happy with their current fake tooth implant and have trouble keeping them in their mouth.
  • Whose weak bones can be strengthened without dental implant surgery.
  • Who don't want to use complete dentures, which are artificial teeth.

All-on-Six Implant procedure?

All-on-Six dental implant Turkey is applied in five stages:

  • Screening

Each new patient receives a thorough first examination from one of our seasoned dentists in a comfortable and welcoming setting using medical imaging technology in implant dentistry. Data on the patient's chronic illnesses, smoking history, and alcohol use are obtained at the same time and modelled together.

  • Modelling

Before beginning to manufacture the prosthesis, our expert dentist meticulously measures the patient's mouth. The facility that makes prosthetics receives these measurements.

  • Implantation

The extraction of teeth is performed if necessary. The All-on-Six in Turkey often does not require a bone transplant. If such a procedure is necessary (due to the long amount of time after tooth extraction), our expert dentist Turkey will employ bone transplantation as the most suitable method.

Our patients get local anaesthesia from maxillofacial surgeons who are experts in this field. Individuals with severe phobias, anxiety disorders, etc. may benefit from sedation or general anaesthesia. After the gums are shaved down, the jawbone is drilled in six places to accommodate implants. The placement of anterior implants is performed vertically, like the trunk of a tree. Implants in the posterior are often placed at an angle. This therapy might take anywhere from two to three hours, depending on the individual.

  • Fitting of a temporary prosthesis

The patient receives all on six temporary prosthesis after the implants have been placed to keep their teeth from falling out. At this point, the implants should have integrated with the jawbone and healed the gum disease.

  • Implantation of the permanent prosthesis

Our expert dentist often does an examination every 3-5 months; however, this varies from patient to patient. After all-on-6 dental implants temporary teeth have had an adequate amount of time to heal, adapt, and adhere to the jawbone, the temporary prosthesis is taken out and the permanent prosthesis is placed.

What happens in the recovery process after All-on-Six Implants?

The outcome of an All-on-Six surgery depends heavily on the healing time that follows the surgery. What usually occurs during the recuperation phase is as follows:

  • It is normal to feel some pain, swelling, and bruising immediately following the insertion of your full arch of teeth. Your oral surgeon or dentist will provide you detailed information on how to care for yourself after surgery.
  • Osseointegration and healing will take place over the coming weeks and months when the implants fuse with your jawbone.
  • It is common practise to connect temporary prosthetic teeth in a day implants soon after surgery. These temporary teeth can be used for eating and smiling once an injury has healed. While waiting for permanent prostheses, you can use them to eat and talk more naturally.
  • Appointments to check in on your progress will be set up at regular intervals with your dentist. Your temporary prostheses, gums, and implants will be examined to ensure they are fitting and functioning properly. Changes can be made as necessary.
  • The final set of prosthetic teeth is connected once the dentist is pleased with the healing and integration of the implants. These replacements are made to look and work just like real teeth, so your grin will be perfect forever.
  • Once the All-on-Six dentures have healed, it is crucial to continue practising very high standards of oral cleanliness. If you want your implants to last a long time, you should have regular dental checkups and expert cleanings.

If you take good care of yourself and follow your dentist's recommendations, you should have a successful and generally pain-free recovery from All-on-Six teeth surgery turkey.

How Should Nutrition Be After All On Six Implant Technique?

After the Antalya all on 6 Implants treatment, nothing should be eaten for 2-3 hours, the effect of the anesthesia should have worn off.

In the first days after Antalya dental implants treatment, it is necessary to consume soft foods: yoghurt, soup, vegetable purees, etc.

It is important to protect the operated area from trauma. Therefore, a few diet examples are shared below.

Yogurt: It should be preferred because it is both soft and has high nutritional value.

Apple/Pear Puree: When you consume it with cinnamon, you will meet your sweet need and get vitamins in your body.

Mashed Potatoes: It should be preferred because it is both soft and filling.

Soup: Since it is nutritious and does not require chewing, it is suitable for consumption after surgery. Care should be taken to keep it warm to avoid disturbing the area.

Egg: Eggs should definitely be added to the diet due to their indisputable nutritional value. Scrambled, mashed or soft-boiled eggs should be preferred.

Avocado: Avocado accelerates healing due to its rich nutritional content. It can be consumed by crushing it with foods such as honey and cheese and spreading it on bread.

When you have Antalya all on 6 implant, inform your doctor about your individual health condition and he will guide you.

You should avoid consuming hard and shelly foods immediately after Antalya all on 6 implant treatment.

Gradually switch to hard foods. The order should be consumption of soft, semi-hard and hard foods.

All-on-Four vs. All-on-Six: What is the difference?

Both implants are equivalent in terms of method. However

  • Because the All-on-Six concept installs six implants in the jawbone vs. four implants in the All-on-Four Procedures, the All-on-Six Implant Procedure provides a better capacity to bite and chew.
  • The All-on-Four Implant approach is more affordable.
  • The All-on-Six teeth stabilises and reinforces the prosthesis.
  • The All-on-Four Implant Technique uses a partial dentures, whereas the All in one dental approach uses a fully implanted prosthetic.

How much does an All-on-Six Implant cost in Turkey?

All-on-Six Implant costs in Turkey can approximately range from 3,600 € to 4,500 € per arch. All on 6 dental implants low cost is less than other implant procedures. The quantity of material used, the brand of material, and the current exchange rate all affect implant pricing, which varies from patient to patient.

Will there be pain after applying All-on-Six Implant Technique?

No, there will be no pain after applying All-on-Six Antalya, because the All-On-Six Implant Treatment is conducted under local anaesthesia. It is said that there may be some discomfort after the treatment in All-on 6 dental implants reviews. Painkillers prescribed by our experienced specialists may alleviate your suffering.

What is the rate of success with All-on-Six Dental Implant Procedures?

The rate of success with All-on-Six Dental Implant Procedures is between %90 and %95. Proper implant upkeep and dental health both contribute to this trend. Depending on how well you take care of them, All-On-Six Implants might last a very long time.

Is it difficult to care after the All-on-Six Implant Technique?

No, it is not difficult to care for after the All-on-Six Implant Technique, but it requires consistent oral hygiene practices. Regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings are necessary. While the all on 6 fixed bridge is non-removable, its care is similar to caring for natural teeth. For the implants to be successful in the long run, proper care is essential.

How long does All-on-6 Implant last?

All-on-6 Implant lasts between 10 and 20 years. The lifetime of all-on 6 dental implants abroad might vary depending on a number of factors, including the patient's oral hygiene practices, overall health, the quality of the implants, and how well they are maintained. Regular dental check-ups, attentive oral hygiene practices, and following your dentist's suggestions will help maintain the durability of your All-on-6 implants. Discuss any worries or questions you have concerning the longevity of these implants with your dentist, since they may offer you more personalised information based on your individual circumstances.

What are the treatment stages of All-on-Six implant technique?

The All-on-Six implant technique orchestrates a whole dental change by including multiple treatment stages. A complete evaluation that includes in-depth tests and 3D imaging to precisely map the oral landscape marks the beginning of the adventure. Surgically, six implants are strategically embedded in the jawbone, capitalising on optimal bone density and positioning. A healing span ensues, allowing integration. Subsequently, artificial tooth, tailored to individual aesthetics, is meticulously attached to the implants. This multi-stage process melds scientific precision with artistic finesse, culminating in a restored smile that marries functionality and allure. The all on six treatment bestows renewed confidence and a vibrant quality of life upon recipients, exemplifying the marvel of modern dentistry.

What are the benefits of All-on-6?

The All-On-6 Dental Implant Technique heralds a remarkable stride in general dentistry, offering a plethora of benefits that redefine the lives of those grappling with extensive tooth loss or dental issues. Foremost, this innovative approach ensures a steadfast foundation by strategically implanting six posts in the jawbone, bestowing unparalleled stability for prosthetic teeth. Functionality regains its prime, enabling the enjoyment of a diverse range of foods and restoring the capacity to speak with confidence.

Beyond its functional prowess, the All-on-6 Technique is a cosmetic-dentistry and presents aesthetic rejuvenation. Custom-designed prosthetic teeth, seamlessly harmonising with facial features, reinstate a natural smile, revitalising self-esteem and social interactions. This technique also circumvents the inconvenience of removable dentures, eliminating concerns about slippage or discomfort. Moreover, the preservation of jawbone integrity through implant stimulation thwarts bone resorption, averting the sunken appearance often associated with prolonged tooth loss.

Inherent in the All-on-6 Method is efficiency—its streamlined procedure, often completed in a single surgical session, reduces treatment duration. This translates to quicker recovering from dental implants and minimised post-operative discomfort. Financially, the long-term investment in All-on-six proves economical as its durability curtails the need for frequent replacements or adjustments.

Ultimately, the benefits of All-on-6 Implants transcend dental restoration, imparting a profound enhancement in quality of life. The amalgamation of enhanced functionality, aesthetic revival, and enduring oral health culminates in a newfound vitality that empowers individuals to embrace life's joys with renewed zeal.

What is the difference between the All-on-6 implant technique and the conventional implant system?

The distinction between the All-on-6 Implant Technique and the conventional implant system lies in their scope and approach to dental restoration. The All-on-6 Method revolutionises tooth replacement by anchoring a full set of prosthetic teeth on just six precisely positioned implants. In many cases, fewer implants are needed than with conventional techniques because of this careful location, which guarantees improved stability and instant functionality. In contrast, the conventional implant system involves individually missing teeth replacement with a single implant post and dental crown. While effective, it might necessitate a larger number of implants for a complete restoration. The All-on-6 Method appeals to people looking for full dental rejuvenation with fewer implants and quicker outcomes in efficiency, shorter treatment times, and cost-effectiveness.

How long does an All-on-6 Dental Implant Procedure take?

All-On-6 Dental Implant Procedure might take many months. Here is a broad chronological breakdown:

  • Consultation and Planning

This initial phase involves consultations with your dental team, thorough examinations, and 3D imaging to assess your oral health and bone structure and determine the best dental treatment plan. This phase can take a few weeks and offers the possibility to compare the outcomes of all on six dental implants before and after.

  • Implant Placement

During the surgical procedure, the all-on-implants are strategically placed in your jawbone. This step usually takes a few hours, and you might need some time for recovery before proceeding to the next stage.

  • Healing Period

After implant placement, a healing period is necessary to allow the implants to fuse with your jawbone through a process called osseointegration. This phase can take a few months, during which temporary prosthetic teeth might be used.

  • Prosthetic Attachment

Once the implants have fully integrated, custom-made prosthetic Turkish teeth are attached to the implants. This step might take a few appointments, including adjustments to ensure a proper fit and aesthetic.

The duration of Turkey All-on-6 hinges on several factors. Usually, compared to conventional approaches, this cutting-edge methodology offers a simplified approach that may be finished more quickly.

What do you need to know before you get all-on-six implants?

Before embarking on the transformative journey of All-on-6 Implants, several crucial considerations warrant attention. Primarily, a thorough consultation with our skilled dental professionals is essential. Comprehensive evaluations, encompassing oral health and bone structure assessments, will guide personalised treatment planning. Making educated decisions is facilitated by being aware of the steps in the process, from prosthetic attachment through surgical implant implantation. Anticipate a healing period during which temporary prosthetics may be worn. Realistic expectations, which may include probable short-term discomfort, also emphasise the dedication to a new grin. Individuals ready for All-On-6 Implants may pave the way to a self-assured and practical dental renaissance by arming themselves with these ideas.