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Why Turkey?

Health Tourism is defined as patient movement from one country to another for the purpose of treatment that patients seek, sometimes bypassing services offered in their own countries. It could be sometimes from a developed country to a less developed country due to long waiting lists in their own countries aiming at lower costs and sometimes otherwise forcing patients to locate higher quality and standard of treatment caused by unavailability of same level of treatment in their own country.

Turkey with their upgraded info structures and health facilities offering affordable medical care services have become favorable destinations for international health tourists. Easy travel without visa requirements and easy access through internet to health care providers have also drastically contributed to development of Heath Tourism worldwide.

Why Antalya?

Antalya is located in southern part of Turkey. It is also an attractive holiday destination. Apart from its excellent accommodation facilities, the city offers now high standard medical facilities equipped with latest technology in medicine and highly skilled top medical staff.

Our health facilities in Antalya offers incomparable treatment when it comes to pricing, because the cost of living, running a dental clinic and wages are much lower in Turkey. Treatment costs much lower than that of in the US and Europe without compromising the quality of treatment offered. We welcome all patients from abroad. We promise to do everything to make you feel at home and return you to your home country in good health.

» Beaches: Antalya is the tourism capital of Europe that has the most Blue Flags in the world, with its 200 crystal clear breath taking beaches.

» Hotels: You'll find many inclusive hotels in Antalya that fit your budget.

» Historical Places: Antalya is home to many ancient cities from various civilizations throughout history, with some sites dating back to prehistory and Paleolithic eras.

» Direct Flights All Year: You can always find direct flights from all European countries to Antalya all year. We will help you find the cheapest flights.