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How to Prepare Treatment Plan?

1 / Contacting and Counselling

Reach out to us and specify your dental requirements. Please fill out the form by sending us your complaints or wishes. When you apply for a treatment, our professional team will begin with a detailed planning on every aspect of the process. It is important to send all the information about your health condition such as reports and documents, so we could identify the best treatment for you.

A phone or video call may be arranged to ensure complete clarity. This will also allow us to give you an accurate estimate of treatment costs and fees.

The detailed planning starts when you have decided to be treated in Turkey. Your wishes and expectations, and the recommendations of your doctor will be leading in this.

Our medical counseling service is free of charge. After you have made your decision about the treatment, our team will make the most appropriate planning for you and you will receive a price offer.

2 / Preparing Treatment Plan

We will examine your request and create an individual offer for your treatment as soon as possible. We will explain all procedures involved and associated costs. So, there won’t be any extra payment later.

3 / Accomodation Service

We can also assist you with your accommodation with some of our hotel partners at low pre-negotiated rates. Once the hotel is selected, the booking process will be done by our team.

4 / Travelling to Turkey

When everything is arranged, it is time to travel to Turkey. When you arrive in Antalya, our hospitality manager will meet with you and any accompanying friends/family at the airport and take you to your hotel. During your visit, all your transportation between airport, hotel and clinic will be provided.

5 / Treatment Time

Once you arrive at our clinic, we will perform a comprehensive clinical evaluation and finalize your treatment plan. Our doctors are very experienced and will explain the options available very systematically. Our staff will ensure you receive the utmost comfort and care during your treatment stages. Implementation and organization of the treatment will be based on a timetable created by the team. Prof. Sinan Tozoglu DDS,PhD and his crew will provide you the dental treatments to create you a new UNIQUE Smile line using the latest technology.

6 / Control

We will keep in touch with you throughout the whole process after the treatment. You will have all the comfort you seek to feel at home. After the treatment, we remain in contact with our patients.

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